Thursday, 22 May 2008

Voluntary Vet Assessments.

Wim our Vet arrived this morning with another Lady Vet and a young girl who was on work experience, to do the Voluntary Vet Assessments for the S.P.S.B.S. The lady vet started on the foal markings, while Wim got on doing the two Stallions.
Wim was really impressed with both Neo and Warrior and commented on how well behaved they both were. He started with Warrior, giving him a good going over, checking all his bits were in the right place, checking his heart and lungs. Then his eyes. I then had to walk him up the yard with Wim, holding his hand on his hip joints, then walk him again while Wim watched, he then watched him trot. He then checked all his joints and feet, rechecked his heart and lungs, measured him, he's only 29ins and took his hair samples. He then checked all his markings to make sure they were all correct and checked his whorls. Then inserted his microchip, Warrior didn't move a muscle. Wim said that he couldn't find anything wrong with him at all and he passed with flying colours.
He then did the same thing all over again with Neo and he passed as well. I was so chuffed.
The other Vet checked all the foals over and did the markings, they were not sure about Apollo's colour. Then another Vet arrived, I've never had so many here at the same time, just to have a look at the foals I think. They've taken all the paperwork back to the Vet's practise to complete and will ring me when their ready.
Needless to say I'm very Happy that the boys passed and I can now use them on the Mares next year, if I want to.
Rang Debbie to ask her if she managed to get Edwards hairs and spoke to her Daughter, who said they had managed to get them, which is all good as now both Neo & Warrior will be fully DNA'd on their passports. Also rang Karen to tell her the good news, she was really pleased.

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