Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Mass Worming...

Its that time in my Diary for all the Ponies to be wormed again. So this morning opened up the top field ready for the girls to be moved into. They knew something was up and all congregated around the bottom field gate. As each Pony came forward I put on a head collar and then administered the dose then let each one through. However Muffy & Athena didn't want to play ball, what a performance it is trying to get hold of Muffy. After I'd finally got the girls done, I went and did the boys. Warrior, Yum Yum and Magic all stood there had their wormer no problem, then tried to give Neo his and boy did he show off, he's normally really well behaved. In the end had to tie him to the fence and shove the wormer in. Could have done without it, as the weather is horrible and I wasn't in the best off moods, with the rain belting down. The boys have now been moved into the bottom field.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Pony Pictures.

Took these pictures on Friday, after I'd let the girls into the bottom field.


I've added a Followers gadget to this blog. I'd noticed on my site meter, that I've got people popping in from all over the world, would love to know who they are and to be noisy and have a look at their blogs. So if you are a follower please add yourself. Wonder who will be the first?

New Rugs...

I had an email from Robinson's the other day, telling me that they were having a rug rummage. Loads of Rugs were reduced some with over half price off. I ordered two Blue Fleeces at £7.00 each and a Turnout Rug for £14.00. Their postage charges are really reasonable only £4.95 for the whole order. They came today. The fleeces are really handy, I use them when I've bathed the Ponies, or when I'm taking them to a show. The Turnout is for Warrior, I don't normally rug the Ponies in the winter as their coats are really thick, like a teddy bear, but Warrior being Tri-coloured with plenty of white, gets absolutely filthy, rolling in the mud. Tash called in today and said that the little red rug reminded her of Christmas. Oh Bless Warrior will look like Santa.. I've also won a Stethoscope, on Ebay at 99p, still awaiting for that to arrive. My friend Karen advised me to get one, so I can listen to the Mares for the Foals heartbeat. Saves pounds on Scan fees.
Talking about Warrior, I was planting some plants in the bank in the little paddock today and I had my back to him, when I turned round the little bleeder had been following on behind me, pulling all the plants out. I had to replant them all.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hay Made...

Yesterday, Mark came back with Tony another local Farmer, to bale the Hay. Tony started by getting all the Hay lined up, then Mark followed him with the Baler. As soon as the kids got in from school and got changed, we all went down to the bottom field to start bringing the Hay into the Barn. Harry and Ben's favourite bit is riding on the back of the trailer. The video clip is of Harry riding on the trailer, Ben had, had enough by then and was in the back of the Jeep. Managed to get four loads in last night and have finished the rest today. I have muscles like Arnie! Was really pleased we managed to get 194 off the bottom field, which is enough for us. Mark is going to have the Hay in the top field, but he's having his made into the large wagon wheel bales. Tony has already lined it all up, so just waiting for the contractor to come.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Making Hay While The Sun Shines...

Mark has been back today to turn the Hay again. Looks like we could have some bales by tonight! Its dried out lovely in the bottom field, but could do with another turn in the top field.
See all the dust coming up at the back of the tractor as the Hay is being turned? Well that's a good sign means its drying...

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sunshine Means Hay...

Tomos the Blacksmith came yesterday and did the Foals for me. Little Aphrodite was so good just stood there. I thought Archie was going to cry, bless him, his little bottom lip was wobbling and Apollo, well he laid on the floor of the Stable and played dead. They all eventually settled down and they now have beautifully trimmed hoofs.
Mark came yesterday and turned the Hay and has been back and turned again this morning, looks like we are going to get Hay after all.
Groomed all the foals this morning and they already have really thick coats. Also took some pictures of them in the Stable... Archie made me laugh peeking over their little Stable door..

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Weaning & Update From SPSBS

Today we've moved the foals into one of the stables. Brought them down from the field with their Mum's. Then took Mum's back. They seem to have settled ok. Lil was calling to Apollo for a while, but then went back with the other girls.
Mark came to turn the hay today, we are due good weather for the next few days. Hopefully, we will be able to make some hay, instead of haylage.
Tomos the Blacksmith is coming in the morning to do the Ponies hoofs. Noticed that Apollo has chipped one of his.
Also got a news letter from The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society today, concerning the Micro chipping of all foals next year. This is what it states, that as from the 1st January 2009 every SPSBS passport application, will have to be supported with a document signed by a Veterinary Surgeon, declaring that the Vet has implanted a microchip into the equine identified on the application.
Commission Regulation (EC) No 504/2008 of the 6th June 2008.
officials who were accompanied by their legal and veterinary representatives, the understanding was that although the enforcement date was July 1st 2009, this actually meant that any person applying for any equine passport before this had to have that passport in their possession The legislation is not enforceable until the 1st July 2009. However, at the meeting with SEERAD, prior to the deadline of 1st July 2009. It did not mean that applications had to be received prior to that date but would mean that if owners of foals born prior to the deadline wanted to registrar them without the microchip implant, they would have to send in the registration application to the office early enough for the application to be processed and the passport back with the owner by the 1st July 2009. Members will appreciate that this could cause considerable problems for the office, as a number have to be returned to owners for various corrections, before being completed and any delay could man the application being done after the deadline, which would then require a microchip implant confirmation.
Seerad appreciates that small Societies with only a couple of hundred applications each year, would be able to effectively implement this but stressed that larger Societies with thousands of applications would need to bring this into force much earlier in order to provide a satisfactory service to Members and fulfill the legal requirements of the Regulation.
Therefore the SPSBS Council has decided for the benefit of the Society as a whole and to be able to provide a continuity of service without confusion and unacceptably long delays at a time of the year when passport applications are at a high due to foaling and Autumn sales, that all passport applications as from the 1st January 2009 must be supported with a declaration from a Vet that a microchip has been implanted into the equine identified on the application.
The good news is that the Society has negotiated an excellent cost on Microchips. The cost of a Microchip will be £5.80 including VAT and Postage and these will be posted recorded delivery to any nominated Veterinary Surgeon. Alternatively, members are free to chose to buy microchips directly from their own Vet.
In order to make sure Members have the correct information the Society has obtained written confirmation from both the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the Microchip Manufacturers and the following is correct:
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons considers the micro chipping of Equines within the Nuchal Ligament an act of Veterinary surgery and therefore only a qualified Veterinary Surgeon can legally do this. There is no minimum age for the micro chipping of Equines.
The Avid microchip company who manufacture as well as supply micro chips have confirmed in writing they have no minimum age set for Equine implantation and simply state that the implantation should be carried out by a Vet with the Nuchal Ligament as the implant site.
There is no longer a requirement for the Silhouette to be completed once a microchip is implanted.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Took these pictures on the 13Th September, of Archie, snoozing in the Sunshine and have been meaning to put them on the blog. This evening had a phone call from Carol & Tony who have brought Archie, asking how he's doing. Sounds like this little boy, is going to be thoroughly spoilt. I'm so glad that he's going to a lovely home.
Carol if your reading this I hope your soon be feeling better.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Harry's Riding Lessons..

Harry's spent all day at the Riding Stables today. We dropped him off at 9am this morning and picked him up at 4pm. He's really enjoyed himself, helping out around the Stable Yard and then having his lesson. Managed to get some Video of him.

Making Hay...

Last night we had a phone call from Mark. Mark is the local Farmer who cuts our Hay for us. Saying that he would be over today. He started on the top field and then went down to the bottom field. I was really surprised that its so thick, what with all the terrible weather we've been having. Keep your fingers crossed that the Rain stays away...

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Miniature Measurung Stick..

I don't know if anyone else has had the problem of trying to measure a Miniature? Normal measuring sticks are too large. Well I managed to find a Miniature measuring stick on EBay, complete with its own storage bag. I emailed the seller after I received it, to let her know how thrilled I was with it and she kindly gave me the link to her web site. Thank you Mandy. I have put a link to Mandy's EBay listings in my side bar and to her website, if any of you fancy a browse.. Breakell2000 EBay & Miniature Horse Sales.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Llandysul Show Cancelled

We were supposed to be going to Llandysul show on Saturday, but due to all the wet stuff it was cancelled. Still it saved me having to bath Min & Warrior.
The boys are still in the garden munching all the grass down, well its too wet to use the mower. Their also helping themselves to the wind fall apples. Mind you I'm keeping an eye on them, don't want any of them getting colic.
My friend Diane had to have one of her horse's put down on Friday. I 'd called in to see her on Thursday. She battled to keep him going, but unfortunately they lost the battle. I know she will be devastated. Run free over Rainbow Bridge Rolo.
We've also spoken to our Farmer Mark about the hay, we've decided if the weather has not improved by the of next week, then Mark is going to make Haylage from our fields and wrap it in small bales. We don't have the equipment or storage space for the large wagon wheels. I was concerned about feeding it to the Ponies, but have been advised that most of the Sugar content would have gone by now, and to only feed them half the amount I would normally feed them, if it was hay. Don't want to upset their little bellies. If anyone has fed haylage to their minis would like to know their experiences. (please leave a comment).
Kai is now in for the winter, he's looking great, rippling with muscle. Its done him the world of good to be out all Summer (oh I forgot we haven't had a Summer). Hopefully, we will have our first batch of babies from him next year. Well it won't be for want of trying! Really looking forward to see whether he will throw us coloureds. We still are not sure whether Cravat managed to serve his girls before his tragic death. Hoping that he has left us a legacy.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Weather Warnings...

Yesterday, I moved Neo, Yum Yum and Magic from the far back field and brought them round to the little paddock. Then put Warrior back with his mates. He doesn't look at all impressed today, sheltering under a tree. We have had, non stop rain and there are severe weather warnings out, over the whole of Wales. At least the girls can walk in and out of the Barn to shelter from the downpour. But you ought to see the state of the concrete floor in there, its covered in about 3ins of mud, where their walking it in.
You can't really tell from the pictures, but it was chucking it down when I took them, from the relative shelter on the veranda.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Pony Pictures..

Spent ages yesterday, going through all the pictures on my computer, tagging them. Whenever I try and look for a particular picture, I can never find it, without trawling through hundreds. Found quite a few pictures of the ponies, so thought I'd add a few random photo's on here.
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