Saturday, 2 June 2012

West Wales Mini Extravaganza Update...

***2013 SHOW - MAJOR UPDATE***

The 2013 West Wales Mini Extravaganza, will be held on the 28th April, 2013. Venue details to follow.

They will be holding the following In-Hand classes:-

Miniature Horses

Miniature Shetlands

and after lots of requests from Shetland Pony owners, Standard Shetlands Classes.

There will now be 41 classes.

There will now be a GELDING CHAMPION & RESERVE within all sections as well. 
As the WWME are actively, trying to promote Geldings.

All Champions and Reserves will get sashes.
All Supreme Champions and Reserves, will get sashes.

Bigger Trophies to be won - which again YOU KEEP.

Will keep you all posted..... :)
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