Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The National Shetland Pony Show Of Wales

The South and West Wales Shetland Pony Group

are thrilled to announce

Mount Ballan Manor Crick Chepstow NP26 5XP
Postal Entries Close Friday July 1st. 2011





A Big Thank You To All Our Class Sponsors Listed Below!

**The Wotknotts Stud*Hericus Miniature Shetlands*Owen Jones Transport*The Shoormal Stud*The True Family*The Claylands Stud*The Lloegr Stud

*The Fairwood Stud*The Gwynddefynydd Stud*The Heartfelt Shetland Stud*The Brockville Shetland Stud*The Fronllan Stud*Edern Shetlands

*The Tygwyn Stud*The Redsands Shetland Stud*The Debron Stud*The chasend Stud*Pat Slade and Peter Nichols*Jane and Glen Smith

*June Lewis-hughes*The Rosepetal Stud*

The Windwillow Stud*The Trederwen Shetland Stud*The RACI Stud*The Kenvig Stud*The Cwmllynfell Stud*The Cynog Stud

*The Enigma Stud*Jenny Cobley*The Meechlands Stud*The Beltoy Stud*The Plumtree Stud*The Hasguard Stud*Tremellen Properties*The Hope Stud*The Trujim Stud*Lynda Buchanan-Jackson*The Bwllclawdd Stud*The Brenin Stud*A.C. Mowers-Milford*The Kerswell Stud

*The Alltygraig Stud*The Carmilo Stud*The Abidan Stud*The Morris Family*The Lisawelon Stud*Janet Law*The Timberland Stud*Sharon Leane*Sandra and Tom Clarke*Daniel Snape*The Seva Shetland Stud* Jayne Lonsdale*The Butterby Shetland Stud*The Damerham Shetland Stud

Just click on the Name to be taken over to the National Show Website. You can download the schedule from there.

Monday, 20 June 2011

New Home For Beau & Barney..

Both my beautiful boys, Barney & Beau, will be going to a new forever home shortly with the lovely Tomos Family in Pembrokeshire. We are keeping the "Boys" here, until the fencing is done at their new home.
The Tomos's came to visit yesterday and the Children spent some time with the Ponies. Their Daughter chose Barney and their Son chose Beau. I'm totally over the moon that the "Boys", will be going together.
I Love all our Ponies, but I've had a real soft spot for Barney, as he is exceptionally Tiny and has the sweetest temperament. He certainly is a little Pony with the cute factor. When he's got his Winter Wooley's on, he always reminds me of A.L.F. Can you see the resemblance?????...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Can Anyone Help - Who Is Biscuit ?

Today, I was contacted by a lovely Lady named Laura.
She is trying to trace any information on her Rescued Miniature Shetland Pony, who is called Biscuit.
Biscuits story is that he was found around 2006/07 . Laura was told, by the rescue centre, that he had been thrown out of a transit van, over a 5 bar gate into a farmers field and dumped. He was taken to a small family owned rescue centre in Kent (which closed down last year). But he wasn't Micro-chipped, which he is now. Laura got Biscuit from the rescue centre 3 years ago in July 2008 and has spent lots of time, building his trust in people again. The first three pictures are from Laura's & Biscuits first show last weekend. As you can see he is a much loved Pony now.
Biscuit is around 31-33 inches tall and was an entire Stallion when dumped. The rescue centre had him gelded, and their Vet estimated his date of birth as approximately 1998.
Laura would really like to know his history and also be able to register him with the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society.
Laura is sure he was once owned by some nice people and was maybe stolen to cover mares and then dumped. She contacted me, as on reading my blog, she saw, that we came from Kent and wanted to know if we'd lost or had a Pony Stolen.
So does anyone recognise him? or have any information that could help Laura, track Biscuits breeding?
Any help would be gratefully received.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pictures & News..

Been pretty busy here over the last week.
Kai has gone off to a new home in Pembrokeshire, with the Thomas Family. They came to view him and ended up taking him home with them that evening. We wish them every success with him. They are going to stay in touch and I'm looking forward to seeing the Foals from their Mares next year.
Harry helped me get the Mares and Foals into the yard and give the Foals their Wormer, they were definitely not impressed, but it has to be done.
We've also opened up the Fields behind the House, so that the Girls are all mixing together again with the Mum's and Foals.
Today our Farrier Tomos came and did some of the Ponies. He only does a few at a time, as it's hard work on his back, bending nearly in half to do their Hooves.
Been taking lots of pictures of the Ponies. Here are a few of the best ones. If you click on them they will pop up bigger. As you can see the Foals are all doing really well and all play together now. It's lovely to watch them all, charging around the fields.

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