Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pictures & News..

Been pretty busy here over the last week.
Kai has gone off to a new home in Pembrokeshire, with the Thomas Family. They came to view him and ended up taking him home with them that evening. We wish them every success with him. They are going to stay in touch and I'm looking forward to seeing the Foals from their Mares next year.
Harry helped me get the Mares and Foals into the yard and give the Foals their Wormer, they were definitely not impressed, but it has to be done.
We've also opened up the Fields behind the House, so that the Girls are all mixing together again with the Mum's and Foals.
Today our Farrier Tomos came and did some of the Ponies. He only does a few at a time, as it's hard work on his back, bending nearly in half to do their Hooves.
Been taking lots of pictures of the Ponies. Here are a few of the best ones. If you click on them they will pop up bigger. As you can see the Foals are all doing really well and all play together now. It's lovely to watch them all, charging around the fields.

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Argh, Bless ♥

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