Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Hericus Miniature Shetland Pony Stud

Spent last night trying to work out what Stallion we are going to use on what Mare this year, for foals in 2009. Will have 10 mares to use this year. Hopefully will have 4 foals in April from Lemoney, Chrissie, Lil and Evie. Was also making a list of the names for them, picked four boys names and four girls names, all to do with the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Still awaiting the return of Athena's Passport from Shetland House, I did ring them about it and 5 others. They said that Athena's should be here by next week, it was just waiting to be scanned. Her full name will be Hericus Athena Of Ashcourt, bless, big name for such a tiny pony.

Also rang my cousin Bev last night for some pony chat, we were discussing the pedigrees of the ponies. Bev was impressed with the pedigree of Kai and said he was a cracker from his pictures.
Kai & Cravat seem to be losing their winter coats, keep finding clumps of hair in the stables every day, but don't want to take their coats of yet in case we get a cold snap. Both their tails have grown at a huge rate and are dragging at least a foot behind them, will have to give them a slight trim shortly.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Login Black Boy

Login Black Boy
Colour: Black
Date Of Birth: 19th May 2006
SPSBS Stud Book No: INT/06-P5
Registered In Volume: 107
Breeder: Miss N Dark
Sire: Marlcris Puzzle AJ1715 S02 76
Grand Sire: Seva Little Lord 003314
Grand Dam: Texan Duchess AA0565
Great Grand Sire: Seva Harry O 003025
Great Grand Dam: Seva Isabel 1558 B
Great Grand Sire: Southfieldgate Victory 003803
Great Grand Dam: Earlsdon Diana 014968
Dam: Shoemaker Q-Tee INT/99-P4 M02 353
Grand Sire: Geert V. ST.Boterveen INT/98-S1
Grand Dam: Seva Tomasina 016225
Great Grand Sire: Award V.D. Vogelvreugd S957
Great Grand Dam: Sunrise Of Clapham S 105097
Great Grand Sire: Seva Harry O 003025
Great Grand Dam: Seva Elf 009774

Login Black Boy's full pedigree click here: Pedigree.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ceffylgrif Serenity Kate

Ceffylgrif Serenity Kate

Colour: Grey

SPSPS Stud Book No: AQ2009

Registered In Volume: 105

Breeder: Mrs J Rubbery


Sire: Goytre Jack Of Hearts AK0458 S02 78

Grand Sire: New Park Tomahawk 004072

Grand Dam: Strathlene Ellie AC1950

Great Grand Sire: Stranduff Tom Thumb 003730

Great Grand Dam: New Park Tatiana 013860

Great Grand Sire: Stranduff Cracker 004172

Great Grand Dam: Muslit Of Gott 016211

Dam: Goytre Joy AK0464 M04 476

Grand Sire: Rothay Meadow Sonny Boy AC2253

Grand Dam: Cwmhen Opal AC0930

GreatGrand Sire: Vorden Florison 002921

Great Grand Dam: Stranduff Polly 012301

Great Grand Sire: Earlsdon Georgian Silver 003865

Great Grand Dam: Cwmhen Gemma 013689

We are hoping to put Katie in foal this Spring.

For Katie's full Pedigree please click here: Pedigree

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Goytre Kai

These are pictures of Kai one of our fully licensed Stallions. He is fully DNA'd and microchipped.
I am currently awaiting his passport from Shetland House. Once I've got it back I'll list his full pedigree.

Artsplace Ivan Aka Warrior...

More Pictures of Warrior............

Random Pictures......


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Video Clip Of The Boys..

Also took this video yesterday of our boys. Warrior, Neo, Yum-Yum & Magic. All looking pretty sorry for themselves standing by the gate as the girls were eating their hay. They like to stand there as the girls all come down to say hello. But due to all the rain we've had, the earth is really poached around the gate and it is thick mud. They do eventually get fed up standing there and go off into the fields. We eventually want to put a concrete skirt either side of the gates so that the ponies don't stand knee deep in mud.

I brought Magic & Neo from our friends Karen & Lisa at the Lisawelon Stud. I saw an advert for Magic in the local paper and went over to visit Karen's stable's. I only went to look! Famous last words... Fell in love with Magic and then noticed Neo in the Stable next door and asked Karen if he was for sale as well. (Well its not fair to have one Shetland on their own. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Also looked at all their other ponies and fell for quite a few of them. So instead of one pony brought two. A few weeks later had a phone call from Karen to say that a friend of hers was selling a filly Shetland and would we be interested. So off we went to Aberdare to see Katie and promptly brought her. We now have 13 girls and 6 boys, 2 of which are fully registered Stallions.

Hopefully Warrior and Neo will have their Voluntary Vet Assessment this year and pass to become Registered Stallions. I'm really unsure what to do about Yum-Yum whether to continue to run him on or sell him. I brought him cause I felt sorry for him and he was totally terrified when I brought him, literally off the back of a lorry. He wouldn't let you get anywhere near him, but time and patience has paid off as he will come up for a stroke now. Warrior came from my cousin Micky & Bev's, Artsplace stud, he is the most loving pony you could ever wish to meet and quite a little character, loves being kissed on the nose.

Video Clip

Took some video on my camera yesterday. I've never used the function before, so don't expect David Bailey.
I'd just put out some hay for the girls and as you can see they were getting stuck in... Athena being the baby in the bunch likes to get right in the middle and roll in the hay. It was really windy here yesterday so you may be able to hear it on the sound.....

Friday, 25 January 2008

Yes More Pictures...........

Even More Pictures

These are pictures that I took last year. The pictures are of Min, Athena, Chi-Chi, Tinkerbell (Tinks) & Tiger Lily (Tigs).

More Pictures.....

All these pictures were taken with my phone. Ben managed to get them on the computer for me last night.

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