Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Hericus Miniature Shetland Pony Stud

Spent last night trying to work out what Stallion we are going to use on what Mare this year, for foals in 2009. Will have 10 mares to use this year. Hopefully will have 4 foals in April from Lemoney, Chrissie, Lil and Evie. Was also making a list of the names for them, picked four boys names and four girls names, all to do with the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Still awaiting the return of Athena's Passport from Shetland House, I did ring them about it and 5 others. They said that Athena's should be here by next week, it was just waiting to be scanned. Her full name will be Hericus Athena Of Ashcourt, bless, big name for such a tiny pony.

Also rang my cousin Bev last night for some pony chat, we were discussing the pedigrees of the ponies. Bev was impressed with the pedigree of Kai and said he was a cracker from his pictures.
Kai & Cravat seem to be losing their winter coats, keep finding clumps of hair in the stables every day, but don't want to take their coats of yet in case we get a cold snap. Both their tails have grown at a huge rate and are dragging at least a foot behind them, will have to give them a slight trim shortly.

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