Monday, 21 January 2008

A Dream Fulfilled....

Hericus Miniature Stud is a dream fulfilled for me.
When I was a little girl maybe about 7-8 years, I came across my first miniature pony. My Dad's Uncle Walter Hart, used to have stables under the railway arches in the East End of London, with a big yard attached. I used to love visiting him and Auntie Meg who also had a grocer shop. I remember going to the stables one day and looking in on this tiny pony, which at the time I thought was a foal, until Uncle Wally told me that it was a miniature pony and that it was in foal. I think it must have been love at first sight. Uncle Wally said if I wanted to I could have the Pony and take it home with me. Me being a child was over joyed and of course I wanted it and I begged my Dad to let me take her home. But Dad said No.. and I came home with a rabbit instead.
I think at that moment the seed was sown and I've always dreamt that one day I would own a miniature pony. When we had the opportunity to move to Wales, I knew that at last I could fulfill my dream.... What was supposed to be one or two miniature ponies as pets, has now grown into a full scale stud. I wanted to call the stud Tiny Treasures, as that is the name I make my Dolls House Miniatures under, but The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society wouldn't allow the name as they thought it was too gimmicky. My Sons Ben & Harry thought it would be good to name any foals after the Greek God's & Goddesses. So I went onto a Latin to English Site and started typing in some English names to see what the Latin equivalent was. Eventually, we settled on Hericus, which is Harry in Latin. I had the prefix registered in all our names, so that in the future if I decided to give up the stud the boys could carry on with the name.
The pictures are of our very first foal, "Hericus Athena Of Ashcourt", and what a beautiful girl she is. We purchased her Mum "Meechlands Minuet" and half sister "Fairytail Chi-Chi" from Janette & Selwyn at the Fairytail Stud. Minuet was in foal when we brought her to "Romany Paco" a famous International Champion Stallion.

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