Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Littlefolk Miss Muffet

Little Folk Miss Muffet
Colour: Silver Dun
Date Of Birth: 26th May 1997
SPSBS Stud Book No: M00-096 AG0146
Registered In Volume: 101
Breeder: Mrs R Hutt
Sire: Birchwood Viscount AC2358
Grand Sire: Little Jo Of Green Meadows 003301
Grand Dam: Birchwood Biscuit 015689
Great Grand Sire: Ashorne Bri Nylon
Great Grand Dam: Tanygroes Sprite
Great Grand Sire: Firth Honeyclover
Great Grand Dam: Medowcott Katrin
Dam: Birchwood Pepsi M96 391 AC2354
Grand Sire: Kerswell Suntan 003871
Grand Dam: Witchavon Little Lindy 012607
Great Grand Sire: Tyros Storm Of Lambridge
Great Grand Dam: Kerswell Rosa
Great Grand Sire: Babycham Of Townsend
Great Grand Dam: Dainty Dinks Of Witchavon

To see Muffy's full pedigree please click here: Pedigree

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