Tuesday, 26 February 2008

DNA Testing....

Had a phone call from Debbie today, who is the lady we brought Katie from. She wanted to know if we could go half on a DNA test for Goytre Edward who is the Sire of Neo and one of her ponies. Agreed straight away as I've been requesting the hairs from Eddie's owner for over a year, but to no avail. All Stallions that are assessed need to be DNA'd for the stud book. Luckily for me Warrior's Sire has been fully DNA'd but Evelyn hasn't, which is not a problem as she is here with us at Hericus and I have already got pulled hairs from her mane.

The SPSBS are talking about having all foals DNA being done as they are registered, but are looking at ways to keep the cost down. It currently costs £40.00 per pony.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Mick & Bev's Newbie...

This is a picture of my Cousin Mick & Bev's new boy.
Mick went out to Holland to see him and brought him, he was brought back by transporter and arrived at their yard on Saturday. He is a Hanoverian.
I'll keep you updated on his progress.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Popped to Diane's today to pick up the wormers she had ordered. We buy in bulk so it cuts the cost down at least a couple of pounds per tube. Also got some shavings and horse feed. Came home and proceeded to worm most of the ponies just 7 left to do...
My cousin Mick & Bev have put Warriors dad Blenheim Badger up for sale as Bev is no longer breeding shetlands. The advert is on Shetland Pony Web- Gerry Hart's site if anyone is interested. There is a link to the site in my sidebar.
Also spoke to Bev about when we should be hearing the patter of tiny feet! The foals should be due at the beginning of April, it will be such an exciting time...

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Video Of Warrior & Harry

Here's some more video of Harry with Warrior....

Friday, 15 February 2008

Video Of Warrior & Harry

Took this video clip a couple of days ago. As you can see Warrior is a friendly little soul....

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hericus Athena Of Ashcourt

Hericus Athena Of Ashcourt

Date Of Birth: 27th April 2007

SPSBS Stud Book Number: AT2366

Registered In Volume: 108

Breeder: Mrs D K Wright


Sire: Romany Paco 003778

Grand Sire: Ebony Prince 003260

Grand Dam: Romany Silver Shadow 012171

Great Grand Sire: Fairy Viking 002311

Great Grand Dam: Princess 837 B

Great Grand Sire: Barrowby Silver Clown 003019

Great Grand Dam: Wild Cherry Of Nashes 009507


Dam: Meechlands Minuet AN1690 M06 367

Grand Sire: Fenland Wellington AE0335 S98 2

Grand Dam: Meechlands Fire Dancer AE2313 M98462

Great Grand Sire: Helza Little Boy Blue 004286

Great Grand Dam: Wenlock Amy 016184

Great Grand Sire: Toyhorse Fire Prince 004134

Great Grand Dam: Naiad Of Holmfield 015943

For Athena's full pedigree please click on this link: Horse/Pony Pedigree.

Goytre Kai

Goytre Kai

Colour: Skewbald

Date Of Birth: 26th May 2001

SPSBS Stud Book No: AM1777 S05-072

Registered In Volume: 106

Breeder: The Late Mrs J Rawlings

Registered As A Stallion On: 16th September 2005


Sire: Tawna Morse AG1456 S00 29

Grand Sire: Kerswell Musketeer 004220

Grand Dam: Tawna Milkmaid AC2455

Great Grand Sire: Vorden Picea 003593

Great Grand Dam: Kerswell Minetta 012764

Great Grand Sire: Tawna Sherbut 004305

Great Grand Dam: Tawna Cream Cracker 013252


Dam: Eronleigh Jasmin AE2676 M00 97

Grand Sire: Hippominimus Huggy Bear 003333

Grand Dam: Hippominimus Jilly AB0749

Great Grand Sire: Avening Concorde 002428

Great Grand Dam: Hurtwood Gipsy 006346

Great Grand Sire: Hippominius J.R. 003334

Great Grand Dam: Fairy Infanta 009031

For Kai's Full Pedigree please click here:- Pedigree

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Been out in the fields with the horses today.. Took quite a lot of short video clips, which I'll hopefully get loaded on here tonight. Tried to load one video on here, but unfortunately it's too large and blogger won't accept it. I'll have to try and upload it to UTube and then post a link for it on this blog. I do like this video feature on blogger, the only draw back is it takes ages to load.

The weather has been really beautiful here the last couple of days, so I took both the Stallions coats off and gave them both a really good brush, their winter coats are coming out in huge clumps. As I took Cravat's coat off most of his winter coat came with it. I'm off now to put their coats back on, as we are expecting a frost again tonight and I don't want them catching a cold....

Feeding Time......

Saturday, 9 February 2008

More Pony Pictures....

These pictures were taken today of Lotuspoint Pearly Girl.......

Lotuspoint Pearly Girl

Lotuspoint Pearly Girl

Date of Birth: 22nd April 2007

SPSBS Stud Book No: AT0051

Registered In Volume: 108

Breeder: Mrs C Hodgson

Sire: Collytown Sabre AM1268 S05 19

Grand Sire: Champlers Fairy Sovereign AC2200

Grand Dam: Halstock Widecombe AE2177

Great Grand Sire: Fairy Bacchus 002545

Great Grand Dam: Barclay Arms Fairy Light 013904

Great Grand Sire: Cwmhen Island Prince 004024

Great Grand Dam: Halstock Watchet AC3116


Dam: Lotuspoint Pearl AJ1018 M04 14

Grand Sire: Highfield Unicorn 003883

Grand Dam: Cashmere Of Crooklands 016844

Great Grand Sire: Skerry Of Marshwood 003422

Great Grand Dam: Highfield Ursula 012233

Great Grand Sire: Southley Tern 002923

Great Grand Dam: Silver Satin Of Crooklands 013640

For Pearl's full Pedigree please click here:- Pedigree

Friday, 1 February 2008

Getting To Know You....

These pictures were taken last year, not long after Athena had been born. I used to put Athena and her mum Min out in the little paddock during the day and back in the stables in the evening. I love these pictures of Harry & Athena getting to know one another. Harry adores Athena and the feeling is mutual....

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