Saturday, 31 May 2008

Our First Show Of The Season..

Yesterday, Joanne one of our neighbours popped up to see us with her little girl Megan. Megan wanted to see the ponies, we walked her round and ended up having quite a few favourites.
After they left, got Kai out for a bath, what a little bleeder he was. Just got him all clean and he decided to roll on the floor. I can't repeat the language, so he had another good soaking and walked him round to dry off. Then I plaited his tail and tied it up, then on went a rug and back in the stable.
We left home at about 5.45am this morning to get to Cothi Bridge. Arrived there about 6.30am, needless to say wish I'd taken a flask as the tea van's were not open. The class before us was for the Miniature One,Two or Three Year old, Colts, Filly or Gelding. There was 13 in that class. Our Class was for the Miniature Stallion, Mare (with or without foal at foot) or Gelding four years and over. So the rest of us waited in the collecting ring, the first class went on for nearly an hour, by that time Kai, was getting really fed up. I went into the ring first, as I was worried about him being stuck between 2 mares. He was fine all the time he was moving, but as soon as we stopped and had to line up, he started performing, pawing the ground and showing off. But aye oh, he's a stallion and I personally think that the Stallions should be in a class of their own not with Mares. Anyway we came in 5th. The Judge said I should cut more off Kai's tail. You are supposed to show them in their natural state and Kai's natural state is a very long tail. I've already cut about a foot off it. Might take a bit more off but not much.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


Yesterday, popped over to see Karen and Lisa and took Lisa's new bridle over there.
Today, we've run 120 metres of hosing down to the bottom back field, so that we can get water down there for the boys, without having to use the jeep and trailer. Ben & I had a good walk round down there and I'm glad we did as I found some rosettes of Ragwort. Which I will get cleared on Sunday. Then we moved the four boys, Neo, Warrior, Yum Yum & Magic back round to the bottom back field, after making sure that I'd given Yum Yum some wormer and run all the boys backs with switch. As we are near the river, the ponies get plagued with midges. Ben helped me clear the barns ready for the foals again this evening, then did Cravat & Kai. We then moved Min, Katie, Tinkerbell and BeBe, into the little paddock by the back garden. Then took Cravat in there to meet his girls. After plenty of squealing and thundering round, they have all settled down nicely together. We then went up and re split the home paddock, down into two again, and moved Chi-Chi, Tiger Lily, Athena and Pearl into one side, leaving Lemoney, Cameo, Muffy and Jasmine in the other half. We have been trying for weeks to catch Muffy as she needed to be wormed. Ben walked straight up to her and put the head collar on, I couldn't believe it. Gave her a good dose of wormer and run some switch down her back. I've left the head collar on so that when Tomos comes back she can have her feet done. Then I scrubbed the bath out, hosed it all down and refilled it with fresh water. Also been round the garden and cleared up all the horse poo, so that the dogs can go back out there now. Found some ragwort in the garden, so that's another job for Sunday, pull that lot out.
The photo of Cravat made me laugh, I think after chasing the girls, he just wanted to sit down..

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Busy As Usual..

Been really busy as usual here. The Foals are really coming on now and all have their own personalities. Out of the three, there is something very special about Apollo, don't ask me what cause I just can't put my finger on it. He has perfect conformation, with a beautiful head and eye lashes to die for. He's colour well, that seems to be changing every day and the bone in the boy, strong and stocky. If I sell him I really want him to go to a showing home, where he can reach his full potential. He's definitely future Stallion potential.
Yesterday called in to see Diane as I needed some shavings, she's still awaiting her foals. She's had one of her own, April who is lovely. She also has our friend Shona's horse there, who gave birth to a lovely colt foal. He's got the sweetest face with a star.
Rang the Vet's this morning to see if the foals paperwork is ready, which it is, so will pop over and get that today, so I can get the paperwork off to Shetland House for their passports.
Started working Kai in the yard yesterday, walking and running him, trying to get him used to being handled by me. Will keep doing this every day, so by the time we go, hopefully he will behave. Got bitten on the finger for my trouble, just hoping that he doesn't show off in the ring on Saturday. Just hoping that the weather improves as we are due heavy rain and thunder storms today.

Saturday, 24 May 2008


Today I went down to the local Saddle shop, as I tried the bridle I'd brought on Pearl and it was too tight across the brow, although it fits Min perfectly. So brought another Bridle for Pearl today. Also picked up a bottle of hoof oil and some wad to clean the brass with. Got back tried the bridle on Pearl and now the nose band is too big, so need to make some more holes or take it back and get Debbie to make a smaller one for me.
The babies are all doing really well and spent last night out in the paddock, got them in tonight as we are due some heavy rain and I don't want them getting soaked.
Rang Bev yesterday, she was over the moon that Warrior passed his assessment. It now means we will have four registered Stallions. Also managed to speak to Debbie yesterday, about Goytre Edward. They drove down over last weekend and finally managed to get the hairs for the DNA testing. Apparently, the hairs had already been pulled when they got there. Debbie wanted to have a look at the Stallion, but the owner wouldn't let her, she did manage to see him in the field, but couldn't get near enough for a good look. Just hoping the hairs are from the correct pony. All very strange if you ask me.
The pictures are of Warrior (Artsplace Ivan) & Neo (Goytre Napoleon). They could both do with a bath, just waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Voluntary Vet Assessments.

Wim our Vet arrived this morning with another Lady Vet and a young girl who was on work experience, to do the Voluntary Vet Assessments for the S.P.S.B.S. The lady vet started on the foal markings, while Wim got on doing the two Stallions.
Wim was really impressed with both Neo and Warrior and commented on how well behaved they both were. He started with Warrior, giving him a good going over, checking all his bits were in the right place, checking his heart and lungs. Then his eyes. I then had to walk him up the yard with Wim, holding his hand on his hip joints, then walk him again while Wim watched, he then watched him trot. He then checked all his joints and feet, rechecked his heart and lungs, measured him, he's only 29ins and took his hair samples. He then checked all his markings to make sure they were all correct and checked his whorls. Then inserted his microchip, Warrior didn't move a muscle. Wim said that he couldn't find anything wrong with him at all and he passed with flying colours.
He then did the same thing all over again with Neo and he passed as well. I was so chuffed.
The other Vet checked all the foals over and did the markings, they were not sure about Apollo's colour. Then another Vet arrived, I've never had so many here at the same time, just to have a look at the foals I think. They've taken all the paperwork back to the Vet's practise to complete and will ring me when their ready.
Needless to say I'm very Happy that the boys passed and I can now use them on the Mares next year, if I want to.
Rang Debbie to ask her if she managed to get Edwards hairs and spoke to her Daughter, who said they had managed to get them, which is all good as now both Neo & Warrior will be fully DNA'd on their passports. Also rang Karen to tell her the good news, she was really pleased.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Well yesterday afternoon Tomos our blacksmith arrived and he spent about 5 hours here, doing the ponies feet. He was really impressed with the foals and couldn't believe how friendly they were. I had to keep pushing them away as they were getting in the way, watching their Mum's having their feet done.Was going to try and get some pictures, but trying to hold on to a pony having its feet done and pointing the camera at the same time, is not the easiest thing in the world. Will try and get some when he comes back in six weeks.
Re did the barn again this morning with all fresh straw, so its all lovely and clean for the girls and babies to go back into, as we due more rain again on Thursday. They've all spent the last couple of nights out as the weather has been so nice.
Also got the DNA kit from Shetland house yesterday for Evie, sent that back last night. Rang Karen and she had received hers as well, so at least I know Warrior's Sire and Dam's DNA will be done now, and Neo's Dam. Still waiting to hear whether Debbie managed to get the hairs from Goytre Edward. That's an ongoing Saga...
Going to try and get out tomorrow for some shopping, as I have the vet here on Thursday for the Stallion assessments.
These pictures were taken on May Bank Holiday. I'm still debating whether to run this little man on, but if I do will need to sell some others....

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Moved the boys from the back bottom field, round to the little paddock today, ready for the Blacksmith tomorrow. Also managed to get a head collar on Athena and Chi-Chi. Athena totally freaked out and threw herself on the floor in disgust. Then I ran her round the field on the head collar to get her used to being lead. Muffy is a total nightmare, she runs off every time you go near her with a head collar. I did know this when I brought her, but it really gets on my nerves. Gave up in the end, will try again in the morning. Also completely cleaned out the barn again this morning, we need to dig a trench along the outside and put up a wall there, to stop the rain running in and soaking all the bedding. Another job on my every growing list.
Rang Bev this morning to let her know that Warrior, is having his assessment on Thursday with the Vet. Keeping my fingers crossed that Warrior and Neo both pass.
Also thought about writing up the adverts for the foals, well I thought about it but still haven't done it....

Friday, 16 May 2008

Blog Lapse...

Sorry for the blog lapse, but been really busy here. Just to let everyone know that reads this blog, that the foals are all doing really well. Their all eating grass and hay and are thriving. Getting bigger every day. Their teeth are through and they enjoy using them on me, having a crafty nip every now and again. Their all playing together and little Aphrodite, is right in there with the boys. Managed to get three tiny control head collars on Ebay the other day, which I will start using shortly on the foals, while walking them from the barn to the field.
Another job we've done is fertilize all the fields, ready for the Hay to start growing.
We've moved all the other girls back into the fields now, they did an amazing job on the drive and made short work of all the grass. Well its better for the environment and saves mowing it. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Also been to our local tack shop, to have another show bridle made for Kai. Debbie who makes all the bridles, is hoping it will be ready in approx 10 days. Also need to get another showing Filly slip for Pearl. Debbie had a tiny little head collar in stock which I also brought, have asked her to get some more in, as they are just the right size for the foals.
Got the blacksmith coming on the 19Th May to do all the ponies hoofs, will try and get some pictures. Will also mass worm again. Our Vet is coming on 22ND, to do Warriors and Neo's Voluntary Vet assessments, while he's here he is also going to do the foals passport applications for me, markings, colour etc. Explained that Apollo is a multitude of colours and not sure what colour he is going to be eventually. We think he's going Roan but what shade of Roan I have no idea. I have to say that Apollo would make a fantastic show pony, I'm still debating what to do about selling him..
Yesterday, I rang Shetland House for two DNA kits, as Neo's mum needs to be DNA'd and I've had one of the kits, sent straight to my friend Karen as its her Mare. Also requested a kit for Evie as she is Warrior's Mum and she's not been DNA'd either. Best to get them done now.
My other friend Debbie rang me the other day, as we are both still waiting for the owner of Edward, Neo's Sire and her colts sire to supply the hairs. We aren't having much luck. So Debbie's husband is going to go there and get the hairs himself. This whole saga has been going on for nearly 2 years. All we need are some hairs from the ponies mane. When I was speaking to Shetland House about it, they told me that there are another 9 colts out there, by the Stallion and unless we can get the hairs, it will only show on the passport as the Mare has been DNA'd. Which Debbie and I don't want we want both parents DNA'd. The EU is talking about making it law, that all foals born will need to be DNA tested at birth, that's OK if you only have one foal a year, but can you imagine the expense if you have a few. Its currently £40 per test.
Another job I did yesterday was go through the show schedules and decide who we were taking to what show this year. Our first show is on the 31st may at Cothi Bridge, taking Kai to this one, to see how he performs, he's never been shown before so he's an unknown quantity. If he misbehaves, I take him out of the ring. Am going to start running him up and down the yard so he gets used to being on the bridle and bit. Also doing the United Counties in Carmarthen with Kai, The Vale of Cleto show, taking Min & Pearl to this one, Cothi Bridge again in July with Kai, Tivyside Show ,Min & Pearl to this one, Cardigan County Show with Kai and maybe a couple more. Just waiting for the remainder of the show schedules to come out, so we can get our entries in.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Bank Holiday Monday.. Part 4

Bank Holiday Monday.. Part 3

Little Aphrodite playing in the Sunshine.

Bank Holiday Monday.. Part 2

Bank Holiday Monday..

Harry and I have had, such a laugh today out in the paddock with the foals. Managed to get loads of pictures and video clips. Apollo has a new trick, if you sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you, he paws you until you open your legs and then comes in for cuddle and lays down between your legs. It's so funny to watch. All the foals are starting to play with each other as well. Will try and upload some video later.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Ponies On The Drive...

What a performance we had this morning.. Our Drive down to the house is about 180 metres long and there is a grass verge all the way down. Decided to put the girls on there to eat off all the grass, well it saves mowing it. First off we blocked of the entrance into our drive with our cars, to stop the ponies getting out to the road. Opened the gate from the field and into the drive, which we thought would be the straight forward way to bring them down. But the Girls had other ideas, they didn't want to go that way and all run off in the other direction. So we shut the gates again moved the jeep across our entrance gate, just in case someone arrived while we were moving them. Which could have spelled disaster! I then got a scoop of food, walked up the field and managed after much bribery, to get them into the stable yard. From there it was through the gates round the back of the boot room and into the drive. Closing all the gates behind me. So what should have taken about 10 minutes, ended up taking nearly an hour. Once they've eaten off all the grass, have got to do the same thing in reverse.. Who's bright idea was that?...

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Weather's been at bit hit and miss here this week. Today the Sun is out, had a couple of showers but not enough to keep the babies in. Their thoroughly enjoying bouncing around in the Sunshine. Took these pictures this morning..
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