Saturday, 24 May 2008


Today I went down to the local Saddle shop, as I tried the bridle I'd brought on Pearl and it was too tight across the brow, although it fits Min perfectly. So brought another Bridle for Pearl today. Also picked up a bottle of hoof oil and some wad to clean the brass with. Got back tried the bridle on Pearl and now the nose band is too big, so need to make some more holes or take it back and get Debbie to make a smaller one for me.
The babies are all doing really well and spent last night out in the paddock, got them in tonight as we are due some heavy rain and I don't want them getting soaked.
Rang Bev yesterday, she was over the moon that Warrior passed his assessment. It now means we will have four registered Stallions. Also managed to speak to Debbie yesterday, about Goytre Edward. They drove down over last weekend and finally managed to get the hairs for the DNA testing. Apparently, the hairs had already been pulled when they got there. Debbie wanted to have a look at the Stallion, but the owner wouldn't let her, she did manage to see him in the field, but couldn't get near enough for a good look. Just hoping the hairs are from the correct pony. All very strange if you ask me.
The pictures are of Warrior (Artsplace Ivan) & Neo (Goytre Napoleon). They could both do with a bath, just waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer.

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