Thursday, 29 May 2008


Yesterday, popped over to see Karen and Lisa and took Lisa's new bridle over there.
Today, we've run 120 metres of hosing down to the bottom back field, so that we can get water down there for the boys, without having to use the jeep and trailer. Ben & I had a good walk round down there and I'm glad we did as I found some rosettes of Ragwort. Which I will get cleared on Sunday. Then we moved the four boys, Neo, Warrior, Yum Yum & Magic back round to the bottom back field, after making sure that I'd given Yum Yum some wormer and run all the boys backs with switch. As we are near the river, the ponies get plagued with midges. Ben helped me clear the barns ready for the foals again this evening, then did Cravat & Kai. We then moved Min, Katie, Tinkerbell and BeBe, into the little paddock by the back garden. Then took Cravat in there to meet his girls. After plenty of squealing and thundering round, they have all settled down nicely together. We then went up and re split the home paddock, down into two again, and moved Chi-Chi, Tiger Lily, Athena and Pearl into one side, leaving Lemoney, Cameo, Muffy and Jasmine in the other half. We have been trying for weeks to catch Muffy as she needed to be wormed. Ben walked straight up to her and put the head collar on, I couldn't believe it. Gave her a good dose of wormer and run some switch down her back. I've left the head collar on so that when Tomos comes back she can have her feet done. Then I scrubbed the bath out, hosed it all down and refilled it with fresh water. Also been round the garden and cleared up all the horse poo, so that the dogs can go back out there now. Found some ragwort in the garden, so that's another job for Sunday, pull that lot out.
The photo of Cravat made me laugh, I think after chasing the girls, he just wanted to sit down..

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