Sunday, 18 May 2008


Moved the boys from the back bottom field, round to the little paddock today, ready for the Blacksmith tomorrow. Also managed to get a head collar on Athena and Chi-Chi. Athena totally freaked out and threw herself on the floor in disgust. Then I ran her round the field on the head collar to get her used to being lead. Muffy is a total nightmare, she runs off every time you go near her with a head collar. I did know this when I brought her, but it really gets on my nerves. Gave up in the end, will try again in the morning. Also completely cleaned out the barn again this morning, we need to dig a trench along the outside and put up a wall there, to stop the rain running in and soaking all the bedding. Another job on my every growing list.
Rang Bev this morning to let her know that Warrior, is having his assessment on Thursday with the Vet. Keeping my fingers crossed that Warrior and Neo both pass.
Also thought about writing up the adverts for the foals, well I thought about it but still haven't done it....

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