Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Well yesterday afternoon Tomos our blacksmith arrived and he spent about 5 hours here, doing the ponies feet. He was really impressed with the foals and couldn't believe how friendly they were. I had to keep pushing them away as they were getting in the way, watching their Mum's having their feet done.Was going to try and get some pictures, but trying to hold on to a pony having its feet done and pointing the camera at the same time, is not the easiest thing in the world. Will try and get some when he comes back in six weeks.
Re did the barn again this morning with all fresh straw, so its all lovely and clean for the girls and babies to go back into, as we due more rain again on Thursday. They've all spent the last couple of nights out as the weather has been so nice.
Also got the DNA kit from Shetland house yesterday for Evie, sent that back last night. Rang Karen and she had received hers as well, so at least I know Warrior's Sire and Dam's DNA will be done now, and Neo's Dam. Still waiting to hear whether Debbie managed to get the hairs from Goytre Edward. That's an ongoing Saga...
Going to try and get out tomorrow for some shopping, as I have the vet here on Thursday for the Stallion assessments.
These pictures were taken on May Bank Holiday. I'm still debating whether to run this little man on, but if I do will need to sell some others....

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