Friday, 16 May 2008

Blog Lapse...

Sorry for the blog lapse, but been really busy here. Just to let everyone know that reads this blog, that the foals are all doing really well. Their all eating grass and hay and are thriving. Getting bigger every day. Their teeth are through and they enjoy using them on me, having a crafty nip every now and again. Their all playing together and little Aphrodite, is right in there with the boys. Managed to get three tiny control head collars on Ebay the other day, which I will start using shortly on the foals, while walking them from the barn to the field.
Another job we've done is fertilize all the fields, ready for the Hay to start growing.
We've moved all the other girls back into the fields now, they did an amazing job on the drive and made short work of all the grass. Well its better for the environment and saves mowing it. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Also been to our local tack shop, to have another show bridle made for Kai. Debbie who makes all the bridles, is hoping it will be ready in approx 10 days. Also need to get another showing Filly slip for Pearl. Debbie had a tiny little head collar in stock which I also brought, have asked her to get some more in, as they are just the right size for the foals.
Got the blacksmith coming on the 19Th May to do all the ponies hoofs, will try and get some pictures. Will also mass worm again. Our Vet is coming on 22ND, to do Warriors and Neo's Voluntary Vet assessments, while he's here he is also going to do the foals passport applications for me, markings, colour etc. Explained that Apollo is a multitude of colours and not sure what colour he is going to be eventually. We think he's going Roan but what shade of Roan I have no idea. I have to say that Apollo would make a fantastic show pony, I'm still debating what to do about selling him..
Yesterday, I rang Shetland House for two DNA kits, as Neo's mum needs to be DNA'd and I've had one of the kits, sent straight to my friend Karen as its her Mare. Also requested a kit for Evie as she is Warrior's Mum and she's not been DNA'd either. Best to get them done now.
My other friend Debbie rang me the other day, as we are both still waiting for the owner of Edward, Neo's Sire and her colts sire to supply the hairs. We aren't having much luck. So Debbie's husband is going to go there and get the hairs himself. This whole saga has been going on for nearly 2 years. All we need are some hairs from the ponies mane. When I was speaking to Shetland House about it, they told me that there are another 9 colts out there, by the Stallion and unless we can get the hairs, it will only show on the passport as the Mare has been DNA'd. Which Debbie and I don't want we want both parents DNA'd. The EU is talking about making it law, that all foals born will need to be DNA tested at birth, that's OK if you only have one foal a year, but can you imagine the expense if you have a few. Its currently £40 per test.
Another job I did yesterday was go through the show schedules and decide who we were taking to what show this year. Our first show is on the 31st may at Cothi Bridge, taking Kai to this one, to see how he performs, he's never been shown before so he's an unknown quantity. If he misbehaves, I take him out of the ring. Am going to start running him up and down the yard so he gets used to being on the bridle and bit. Also doing the United Counties in Carmarthen with Kai, The Vale of Cleto show, taking Min & Pearl to this one, Cothi Bridge again in July with Kai, Tivyside Show ,Min & Pearl to this one, Cardigan County Show with Kai and maybe a couple more. Just waiting for the remainder of the show schedules to come out, so we can get our entries in.

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