Sunday, 2 December 2012

West Wales Mini Extravaganza ~ 2013 Venue

The Second West Wales Mini Extravaganza, will be held on 28th April, 2013.
We have booked a new bigger Venue, as we now have Classes for Standard Shetlands, as well as Miniature Shetlands and Miniature Horses. We now have 52 Classes, more affiliations and lots of qualifiers.
The New Venue is at Pencoed College, Pencoed, Bridgend, CF35 5LG. 
The Schedule is awaiting approval for the 4 Qualifiers. Wording has to be correct on theses. As soon as this has been approved, we will inform you all.
If you would like a schedule, please leave a comment, so that you can be added to the list.
We are still in need of Sponsorship, so if you would like to become a Sponsor, again please contact us.
We also have a Facebook page, so if you have Facebook, please come over and join us.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Debbie Dunbar ~ Equine Artist

I have some very talented friends.
My friend Debbie Dunbar, is a very well known Equine Artist.
A few weeks ago, Debbie happened to be looking through, some of my photographs and asked if she could use one to do a painting from.
I gave Debbie permission, to use any photographs that she wanted.
This morning look what appeared in my news feed, on Facebook.
I knew straight away, who that was looking back at me, handsome Colossus..
If you pop over to Debbie's blog, she takes you through the story of this painting.
I think its brilliant...

Saturday, 2 June 2012

West Wales Mini Extravaganza Update...

***2013 SHOW - MAJOR UPDATE***

The 2013 West Wales Mini Extravaganza, will be held on the 28th April, 2013. Venue details to follow.

They will be holding the following In-Hand classes:-

Miniature Horses

Miniature Shetlands

and after lots of requests from Shetland Pony owners, Standard Shetlands Classes.

There will now be 41 classes.

There will now be a GELDING CHAMPION & RESERVE within all sections as well. 
As the WWME are actively, trying to promote Geldings.

All Champions and Reserves will get sashes.
All Supreme Champions and Reserves, will get sashes.

Bigger Trophies to be won - which again YOU KEEP.

Will keep you all posted..... :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Harry & Ebony....

Two short videos that I took of Harry Riding this morning.

Morning Ride...

I haven't watched Harry ride for quite some time, so this morning I thought I'd go and watch him. Of course I took my camera. Here are some pictures I took this morning, I also managed to get some video and will upload that later, once its uploaded on to YouTube.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

West Wales Mini Extravaganza Show

Harry & Courtney decided that they'd both like to Show Warrior at the West Wales Mini Extravaganza. Courtney has never handled a Pony before, let alone showed one. So on Saturday, they got Warrior in. Harry gave Courtney, a quick lesson on what to do in the ring, and then gave Warrior a nice warm bath and a groom. Harry put two rugs on him to keep him warm.
Sunday morning came round, there was high winds and torrential rain but we battled through. Warrior run into the Trailer, he knew he was going showing. Unfortunately, some of the people who had sent in entries couldn't get there, as the high winds closed the Severn Crossings and trees were down blocking roads.
I entered Harry in the Broken Colour Class & The Stallion Class in the Shetland Classes and Courtney in the Mixed Fun Classes for Senior Handler and in the Novice Class. Harry won both his classes, got two Reserve Champions and qualified twice for the Royal London. Courtney came third in her first class for Senior Handler, but then surprised us all, especially herself, by winning the Novice Class, going onto the Championship for the mixed Fun Classes and getting Reserve Champion. She was also given a Special Rosette as it was her very first show. The Judge Mr N Lewis was very impressed with Courtney and told her so, especially that it was her very first show. I think Courtney's, beaming smile said it all. As both Harry & Courtney, qualified to go in the Best In Show. Harry let Courtney, go in for the practice. Warrior, obviously felt very comfortable with Courtney, as he stood like a little Soldier for her and was a perfect little Gentleman. She didn't come anywhere, but fabulous practice and confidence builder for her.
We all had a fabulous day, even in spite of the horrendous weather. I caught up with some friends and we made some new ones. I took hundreds of pictures, which are already on the West Wales Mini Extravaganza, Facebook page and will be going on the blog page soon.
So all in all both Harry & Courtney did extremely well. 3 Reserve Champions, 3 Firsts, 1 Third, 2 Royal London Qualifiers and a Special Rosette, plus 3 Trophies.

 As I've been helping Traci with the blog, she surprised me with my very own Sash. Which I had hanging round my neck all day. A big Thank you to Traci & John, for all their hard work getting this show together. Looking forward to next years...x
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