Monday, 31 January 2011

Pony Pictures & For Sale

Thought, I'd share some pictures, I took of the Ponies on 28th January.
Colossus is certainly living up to his name and is a really Chunky little man. He is fascinated by our Cats.
All the Colts have got really thick shaggy winter coats, when you put your hands through the coat, you can feel the heat trapped in there. It must will like walking around wrapped in your own Duvet. They certainly need that Coat at the moment, as its freezing cold here.
If anyone is interested Hericus Apollo, Hericus Barnabus (Barney), is really tiny and is still smaller then last years foals. Hericus Bucephalus (Beau), Hericus Cronus, are all now for Sale. By clicking on each of their names, it will take you over to their respective pedigree page. They are all registered with S.P.S.B.S and are Micro chipped. If any one is interested, or wants further information, please contact me via my profile and mark your email Pony, just in case it ends up in my spam folder.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Hericus Cronus & Hericus Colossus

Cronus and Colossus's, passports came today from Shetland House.
Seems like, I've been waiting for them for ages.
Too see their full pedigrees please click here:-
Hericus Cronus & Hericus Colossus.
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