Monday, 12 January 2009

My Birthday Present...

Today is my Birthday.
I'd like you to meet my Birthday Present, Birchwood Viscount, AC2358S. Isn't he Handsome. I'm totally thrilled to bits with him. He is a fully registered Multi Champion Stallion. To see his full pedigree please click on this link: Horse/Pony Pedigree.
His Sire was Little Jo Of Green Meadows 003301 and his
Dam is Birchwood Biscuit 015689.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I had an email from my cousin's Micky & Bev this evening, to tell me how Amigo got on at his first show. He jumped a lovely double clear. Lucky for them that it was indoors, but was still a lot for him to contend with what with the echo, lights and also as they go down the course, they are jumping towards a cafe, which is behind large glass windows, so the Horses can see movement and light reflected in the glass. Apparently the ground outside was treacherous and one Horse went over trapping the Rider's legs. "Rooney" who rides Amigo, was over the moon and she was like a dog with twenty tails to wag.
"Congratulations Amigo & Rooney", I think your be at Olympia before long...

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year Everybody...

Happy New Year Everyone, lets hope it's a good one. While Mick's parents were staying with us over Christmas & the New Year, we managed to get the Stable doors fitted. It's been extremely cold here over the last couple of days and this morning the temperature was Minus 7.. Even the water buckets in the stables had ice in them. All the outside taps were frozen, so we've had to run water via hose from the kitchen and then bucket the water to the trough's outside.. I've taken these pictures today..
The top photo's are of the girls stuffing their faces on some hay and the bottom photo's are the new stable doors..
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