Thursday, 30 July 2009

Medieval Fun Day...

The Riding Centre that Harry goes to is holding a Medieval Fun Day on 15th August. We've been busy making props for the day and making shield's. To see all the props please see Tiny Treasures blog.
Here's a few pictures of the Horse's at the Riding Centre.
The bottom photograph is of Ebony, she is the Horse that Harry rides..

Saturday, 25 July 2009

We Have A Visitor..

We have a visitor of the four legged kind.
This is Peggy Sue, she belongs to our friends who are moving to Wales shortly. She is a Section D, registered Welsh Cob.
Peggy was born with a large birthmark on her left hand side and no one wanted her, except for our friend Frank. She can be ridden as the birthmark, does not affect her at all. She arrived yesterday and has already made herself quite at home, and seems to be totally intrigued with our little ones.
She's 16 years old is a lovely gentle lady.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tivy Side Show 2009

We went to Tivy Side Agricultural Show today. But unfortunately no photographs as I forgot the camera.
Harry was showing Min again today, but was in a big class and didn't come home with any Rosettes.
I took Warrior in the Stallion Class and he got a second. He was then awarded a S.P.S.B.S Rosette for the Best Miniature.
So all in all a good day.
I'm really mad at myself because when we came home, I rang my friend with the results and we were talking about Cardigan Show. I've just double checked and I've realised I forgot to send my entries in and the entries have now closed. Oh well there's always next year.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Cothi Bridge Show 2009

Today we went to the South & West Wales Shetland Pony Group Show at Cothi Bridge, this show was affiliated to S.P.S.B.S..
This was Harry's first real show, and I think he was a bit lost to start with. But after the first time in the ring and some direction from the Judge, he really improved. He finally came away with two Rosettes. Harry was placed 2nd in the Piebald or Skewbald Pony in hand, any age, any height and 3rd in the Child Handler 11-16 years.
Unfortunately, Mick had gone back to the car with the Camera for Harry's last class, so I couldn't get any pictures. But Yvette from the Timberland Stud very kindly took some photo's on her camera, which she said she'd email me later.
It wasn't mine or Warriors day today and we didn't get placed...
If you click on the pictures they will pop up bigger...

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Horse Tax

I copied this article from Horse & Hound magazine. This tax could affect every Horse/Pony owner in the United Kingdom..

Have your say over government 'horse tax'

clockwise whirl

H&H news desk

18 April, 2009

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EXPERTS are urging all horse owners to take part in a government consultation over plans to introduce an annual "tax" on farm animals — possibly to include horses.

Defra is proposing to set up an independent body of animal health and industry experts to take decisions on animal health issues — for example on future outbreaks of diseases from foot-and-mouth to African horse sickness (AHS).

If it goes ahead, the scheme would start in 2012 and, if horses are included, Defra estimates each animal would cost about £10.50 per year. This sum would be in addition to current passport costs and would contribute towards dealing with exotic diseases.

A Defra spokesman was keen to stress that the plans were in very early stages, saying that although government documents state the fee "could also cover horses and their keepers" it does not mean they will definitely be included.

But she added: "The main rule of thumb remains that all keepers of disease-susceptible species should contribute to the costs of exotic disease control unless there are compelling reasons as to why they should not."

The British Horse Society (BHS) has cautioned against any further financial burdens being placed on horse owners in the current economic climate unless there were very clear and necessarily reasons for doing so.

BHS director of welfare Mark Weston said: "I would urge all horse owners to take part in the consultation process."

There is a Petition already on line and I would urge everyone to sign it here's the link:- Petition.

Vale Of Clettwr Hunt Horse Show 2009

We went to the Vale Of Clettwr Hunt Horse Show today, which is a little local show very close to where we live. It was Harry's first time ever in the ring, he managed to get a Third and a Fourth with Minuet. Warrior got a 1st..
We have another show tomorrow which is an affiliated show, so Harry will have to wear a hat.

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