Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Busy As Usual..

Been really busy as usual here. The Foals are really coming on now and all have their own personalities. Out of the three, there is something very special about Apollo, don't ask me what cause I just can't put my finger on it. He has perfect conformation, with a beautiful head and eye lashes to die for. He's colour well, that seems to be changing every day and the bone in the boy, strong and stocky. If I sell him I really want him to go to a showing home, where he can reach his full potential. He's definitely future Stallion potential.
Yesterday called in to see Diane as I needed some shavings, she's still awaiting her foals. She's had one of her own, April who is lovely. She also has our friend Shona's horse there, who gave birth to a lovely colt foal. He's got the sweetest face with a star.
Rang the Vet's this morning to see if the foals paperwork is ready, which it is, so will pop over and get that today, so I can get the paperwork off to Shetland House for their passports.
Started working Kai in the yard yesterday, walking and running him, trying to get him used to being handled by me. Will keep doing this every day, so by the time we go, hopefully he will behave. Got bitten on the finger for my trouble, just hoping that he doesn't show off in the ring on Saturday. Just hoping that the weather improves as we are due heavy rain and thunder storms today.

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