Saturday, 31 May 2008

Our First Show Of The Season..

Yesterday, Joanne one of our neighbours popped up to see us with her little girl Megan. Megan wanted to see the ponies, we walked her round and ended up having quite a few favourites.
After they left, got Kai out for a bath, what a little bleeder he was. Just got him all clean and he decided to roll on the floor. I can't repeat the language, so he had another good soaking and walked him round to dry off. Then I plaited his tail and tied it up, then on went a rug and back in the stable.
We left home at about 5.45am this morning to get to Cothi Bridge. Arrived there about 6.30am, needless to say wish I'd taken a flask as the tea van's were not open. The class before us was for the Miniature One,Two or Three Year old, Colts, Filly or Gelding. There was 13 in that class. Our Class was for the Miniature Stallion, Mare (with or without foal at foot) or Gelding four years and over. So the rest of us waited in the collecting ring, the first class went on for nearly an hour, by that time Kai, was getting really fed up. I went into the ring first, as I was worried about him being stuck between 2 mares. He was fine all the time he was moving, but as soon as we stopped and had to line up, he started performing, pawing the ground and showing off. But aye oh, he's a stallion and I personally think that the Stallions should be in a class of their own not with Mares. Anyway we came in 5th. The Judge said I should cut more off Kai's tail. You are supposed to show them in their natural state and Kai's natural state is a very long tail. I've already cut about a foot off it. Might take a bit more off but not much.

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