Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Artplace Ivan

Artsplace Ivan

Colour: Tri-coloured Dun, White & Black

Date Of Birth: 10th May 2005

SPSBS Stud Book No: AR1351

Registered In Volume: 106

Breeder: Mrs B Gurney


Sire: Blenheim Badger AE0514 S00 115

Grand Sire: Blenheim Tonto 004266

Grand Dam: Blenheim Foxtrot 015951

Great Grand Sire: Sonny Boy 003793

Great Grand Dam: Blenheim Panda 014117

Great Grand Sire: Bogs Recovery 003022

Great Grand Dam: Blenheim Sapphire 012784

Dam: Artsplace Evelyn AM 2339 M05 301

Grand Sire: Blenheim Super Trooper 004439

Grand Dam: Greencroft Supreme AC2563 M97 437

Great Grand Sire: Tawna Mr Kipling 003269

Great Grand Dam: Tawna Panda 012104

Great Grand Sire: Wedgwood Sun Silver

Great Grand Dam: Tawna Mimi 013920

Ivan is known as Warrior. Hopefully he will be having his voluntary vet assessment this year and be registered as a Stallion.

For Warrior's full pedigree please click on this link: Horse/Pony Pedigree.

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