Thursday, 24 January 2008

Goytre Napoleon

Goytre Napoleon
Colour: Black
Date Of Birth: 18th May 2004
SPSBS Stud Book No: AQ2168
Registered In Volume: 105
Breeder: Miss J Rawlings
Sire: Goytre Edward AE1767 S99 17
Grand Sire: Adam Of Mousa 003393
Grand Dam: Samsarel Jasmin AA2137
Great Grand Sire: Harald Of Mousa 001687
Great Grand Dam: Norna Of Mousa 006114
Great Grand Sire: Birling Limelight 003186
Great Grand Dam: Pagan Of Greenleask 013961
Dam: Mill Of Towie Susan AK0347 M04 521
Grand Sire: Highfield Zeus 003538
Grand Dam: Slacks Stroma 014984
Great Grand Sire: Ebenezer Of Wetherden 002677
Great Grand dam: Highfield Sonja 010827
Great Grand Sire: Harviestoun Bensyl 002854
Great Grand Dam: Slacks Smudge 014127
We are hoping to put Neo through his Voluntary Vet assessment this year and get him registered as a Stallion.

For Napoleon's full pedigree please click here: Pedigree.

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