Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Lisawelon Du Fel Y Nos

Lisawelon Du Fel Y Nos

Colour: Black

Date Of Birth: 6th June 2004

SPSBS Stud Book No: AQ1781

Registered In Volume: 105

Breeder: Mrs Karen Card & Miss Lisa Marie Card


Sire: Kerswell Socks AG2123 S00 50

Grand Sire: New Park Chieftain 003683

Grand Dam: Spritely Of Berry 015483

Great Grand Sire: Birling Spitfire 003203

Great Grand Dam: Kerswell Camilla

Great Grand Sire: Fitty Of Setter Hall

Great Grand Dam: Sprita Of Berry

Dam: Birchwood Shamrock AJ1953 M03 47

Grand Sire: Little Jo Of Green Meadows 003301

Grand Dam: Bainden Belinda AD1493 M97 494

Great Grand Sire: Ashorne Bri-Nylon 002236

Great Grand Dam: Tanygroes Sprite 1282 B

Great Grand Sire: Fairy Redstart 003532

Great Grand Dam: Parlington Beatrice 015909

Lisawelon Du Fel Y Nos is known as Magic...
To see Magic's full pedigree please click here:- Pedigree.

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