Monday, 29 September 2008

New Rugs...

I had an email from Robinson's the other day, telling me that they were having a rug rummage. Loads of Rugs were reduced some with over half price off. I ordered two Blue Fleeces at £7.00 each and a Turnout Rug for £14.00. Their postage charges are really reasonable only £4.95 for the whole order. They came today. The fleeces are really handy, I use them when I've bathed the Ponies, or when I'm taking them to a show. The Turnout is for Warrior, I don't normally rug the Ponies in the winter as their coats are really thick, like a teddy bear, but Warrior being Tri-coloured with plenty of white, gets absolutely filthy, rolling in the mud. Tash called in today and said that the little red rug reminded her of Christmas. Oh Bless Warrior will look like Santa.. I've also won a Stethoscope, on Ebay at 99p, still awaiting for that to arrive. My friend Karen advised me to get one, so I can listen to the Mares for the Foals heartbeat. Saves pounds on Scan fees.
Talking about Warrior, I was planting some plants in the bank in the little paddock today and I had my back to him, when I turned round the little bleeder had been following on behind me, pulling all the plants out. I had to replant them all.

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