Sunday, 7 September 2008

Llandysul Show Cancelled

We were supposed to be going to Llandysul show on Saturday, but due to all the wet stuff it was cancelled. Still it saved me having to bath Min & Warrior.
The boys are still in the garden munching all the grass down, well its too wet to use the mower. Their also helping themselves to the wind fall apples. Mind you I'm keeping an eye on them, don't want any of them getting colic.
My friend Diane had to have one of her horse's put down on Friday. I 'd called in to see her on Thursday. She battled to keep him going, but unfortunately they lost the battle. I know she will be devastated. Run free over Rainbow Bridge Rolo.
We've also spoken to our Farmer Mark about the hay, we've decided if the weather has not improved by the of next week, then Mark is going to make Haylage from our fields and wrap it in small bales. We don't have the equipment or storage space for the large wagon wheels. I was concerned about feeding it to the Ponies, but have been advised that most of the Sugar content would have gone by now, and to only feed them half the amount I would normally feed them, if it was hay. Don't want to upset their little bellies. If anyone has fed haylage to their minis would like to know their experiences. (please leave a comment).
Kai is now in for the winter, he's looking great, rippling with muscle. Its done him the world of good to be out all Summer (oh I forgot we haven't had a Summer). Hopefully, we will have our first batch of babies from him next year. Well it won't be for want of trying! Really looking forward to see whether he will throw us coloureds. We still are not sure whether Cravat managed to serve his girls before his tragic death. Hoping that he has left us a legacy.

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