Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Mass Worming...

Its that time in my Diary for all the Ponies to be wormed again. So this morning opened up the top field ready for the girls to be moved into. They knew something was up and all congregated around the bottom field gate. As each Pony came forward I put on a head collar and then administered the dose then let each one through. However Muffy & Athena didn't want to play ball, what a performance it is trying to get hold of Muffy. After I'd finally got the girls done, I went and did the boys. Warrior, Yum Yum and Magic all stood there had their wormer no problem, then tried to give Neo his and boy did he show off, he's normally really well behaved. In the end had to tie him to the fence and shove the wormer in. Could have done without it, as the weather is horrible and I wasn't in the best off moods, with the rain belting down. The boys have now been moved into the bottom field.

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