Thursday, 24 April 2008

Yesterday & Today...

We had visitors yesterday, first off was Jayne & her Mum, who called in to see the new arrivals. While she was here, Lil trod on my hand, which was my own fault, didn't move it quick enough. I'm sure the ring finger is broken, had to have my wedding ring cut off today... Then Tash & Brandon called in to see the babies, Brandon knew I was taking photo's so kept hiding his face, little monster.
Today Lois from the Seva Shetland Stud called to introduce herself and to tell me about the local group, and the group show, told her I was already a member. Thought it was really nice of her to call in, she invited me to go and see her ponies whenever I wanted. Don't think we will be doing the show though cause what with Harry breaking his collar bone and now me breaking my finger, it will be difficult..
Little Aphrodite is getting on really well, I've seen her poo and wee so I know something is going in to come out, shes still down at the front but hoping that it will right itself eventually. Its getting better every day. She still looks half asleep but maybe thats going to nature. Even so she is so cute you just want to squeeze her...

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