Monday, 28 April 2008


Yesterday, had a shock phone call from my friend Karen's Dad telling me that Karen had, had a heart attack and had been rushed to St Thomas's Hospital and they had inserted three stents. I think I was in shock for the whole of yesterday. Karen is 6 days older then me & we have been mates for over 30 years. Just hoping that she makes a very speedy recovery.
Spent most of the morning putting up new fencing, the little paddock in the home field is now completed, we are going to use this to put the stallion in, for a good bang out before he goes in with the mares. Also completed the new rails down by the cottage garden at the bottom of the back field. Just a few more rails needed to be put up today by the barn, where we had all the ground dug out. Will try and get some pictures later, when it stops raining..
Then in the afternoon had a text from Rachel, asking if she could bring Scarlett over to see our new arrivals. Said yes of course. So over they came and Scarlett enjoyed giving the ponies a stroke. They certainly have their own personalities now..

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