Wednesday, 9 April 2008

No News..

Well still no babies.. Both Mares are really bagged up, so it could be anytime now.. Did the nightly ritual again last night, every hour on the hour, feeling pretty tired I can tell you. I was wrapped up warm every time I went out, but it was freezing. The only benefit going out late is that it is totally dark, and because the sky is clear, you can see hundreds & hundreds of stars. No light pollution here. Just a shame its not a bit warmer..
Its a beautiful day out there at the moment, just a slight chill, although according to the weather, we are due some rain over the next few days.. Still at least I know the girls are nice and snug in the barn.
If anyone is interested in Shetland Ponies, especially the mini variety, please visit the Fairytail Stud site, there is a link in my side bar. Selwyn has set up a foaling blog and hopefully will be posting some pictures and video of foals being born on there.. Just go to the news button on their site and click on foaling news 2008, this gives you a link to the blog...

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