Saturday, 5 April 2008

Very Busy Here...

Today, we've cleaned out the barn, which was a mammoth job. Then Mark one of our local farmers arrived with the bales of straw that I'd ordered.. Spent about an hour covering the barn floor with approx a foot of straw.. Want to get the pregnant mares in there tonight. I can't believe that we are due snow tomorrow. We also harrowed the top field and the two paddocks in the home field. Hopefully next week when the digger arrives we can move and turn the muck heap and use the digger to knock all the new fence posts in, that are all standing like soldiers at the moment. We also want to use the digger in our back field to pull out a load of brambles & gorse which is threatening to take over. But need to dig the trench along the side of the kitchen first..
Bush Baby aka Bebe, seems to have settled down well and is running quite happily with all the others. I'm sure Tiger Lily knew it was her Mum, you should have heard all the squealing when they saw each other...
I've added a couple of pictures of Pearl (Lotuspoint Pearly Girl), she's really come on in the few weeks that we've had her and is such a sweet natured pony, shes got the sweetest little face with huge dark eyes, thinking about showing her this year.

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