Saturday, 19 April 2008

Another New Arrival....

This morning we had a lovely surprise to find we had a very new born Filly foal from Evie, she looks like a teddy bear. However, the umbilical cord had not separated from the placenta and the foal was dragging it round behind her. I immediately rung the vet for some advice, they told me what to do over the phone. I had to get some string and tie it very tightly around the cord, cut it off with a very sharp pair of scissors and then spray it with antiseptic. The foal seemed completely worn out and didn't seem to be sucking at the teat properly. So I milked some colostrum from the mare and gave it to the foal by syringe. After a little rest she seemed to perk up and now seems to be sucking herself, although we will be keeping a close eye on her today, and if necessary I will milk the mare again to get the goodness into the foal. She has passed her first poo, so just hoping that she continues to perk up. We are keeping our fingers crossed.. Thank you Bev, for all the info over the phone and Thank you Di for coming down to help, I really appreciate the assistance.

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