Saturday, 19 April 2008

Visit From The Vet..

Was getting rather worried about the new foal, its still having a problem getting the milk from Mum by itself. I rang the vet and she came over to check the foal out. She checked the foal over and said that it was a solid little one with loads of bone, chest is clear, no temperature. I did point out that the foal's tongue looked swollen on one side. We have come to the conclusion that the foal bit its tongue as it was being born. The vet gave her a steroid injection to help with the swelling, apparently it also makes them hungry. The vet also removed the cartilage from the foals feet, it was like rubber, again this sometimes happens with an overdue foal, the vet had never seen them so thick. Its going to be a very long night, as we are having to latch the foal onto the teat while it drinks as its still very sleepy. The vet said there is absolutely nothing wrong with the foal, only its tongue. Hoping the steroids work and it will be able by tomorrow to suck on its own..

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