Sunday, 20 April 2008

Hericus Aphrodite

After an exhausting day and night the little filly foal looks a bit stronger. She is still having some trouble latching on to the teat without assistance. The swelling on her tongue looks like its gone down a bit. She seems much stronger in herself. The Vet said I had made an excellent job of the umbilical cord, so that was a weight of my mind, and I'll know what to do , should it every happen again. Checking on her & Mum every hour and if the foal is awake, helping her feed. We are still not out of the woods yet, so keep your fingers crossed for her. She is perfect in every other way, but just this tongue causing the problems, and where she was overdue is a sleepy foal. Today we are going to try and get Mum & baby out in the yard and walk them both a bit, to wake this foal up. The boys have decided to call her Aphrodite.
Little Arcemedes is thriving, doing all the things a foal should be doing, looks like a lamb jumping about. We sectioned of the barn yesterday and brought Chrizzy in, shes completely fascinated by Archie and has been spending most of her day, leaning over watching him. She is enormous and bagging up nicely, may have another baby by the end of the week, lets hope this birth goes OK.

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