Saturday, 4 October 2008

The South & West Wales Shetland Pony Group

Was up bright & early this morning to attend our group show. Didn't take any Ponies today, but wanted to go and watch. Thank goodness the show was under cover, as it rained all day and was pretty chilly. However, we had a really enjoyable day and a really good giggle as well. Ended up taking loads of pictures. Unfortunately a lot of them haven't come out as I would have hoped as it was quite dim in the arena. Will get as many up on here as I can tomorrow. Just a couple of Lisa taken today, this morning she had trousers on for the morning classes and then changed in the afternoon into her Kilt.. Can't believe I cleaned those shoes this morning Lisa! Look at the state of them by the afternoon covered in sand... Lisa did extremely well in her Classes today.. Congratulations you cheeky little monkey.

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