Thursday, 2 October 2008

Meet Louis, Lancelot & Kieron..

No, before anyone asks I haven't lost my mind & brought another three Ponies...
These lovely boys belong to Janie.
I recently brought a lovely little rug from Janie via Ebay. Yesterday Janie emailed me, and asked if I was interested in the little green rug, its a bit tight on Kieran. I emailed back and said I was and we have been corresponding via email every since.
Kieran came from Fairytail, the same place we got Min & Chi Chi from, talk about a small world, pardon the pun!..
Louis is on the left, Lancelot is in the middle & Kieran is modelling the green rug. Now that's what I call a cute photo...

1 comment:

Kate said...

Oh my heart is going pitter-pat viewing those ponies! So cute. I think I still have my old pony's little day sheet tucked away in a box somewhere. Sigh.

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