Monday, 6 October 2008

Kenvig Stud

How weird is this. I had an email this evening from Julie, who attended the show on Saturday. She had googled miniature rugs on Ebay and it brought her to my blog. She started to scroll through the blog and then got a shock, as she realised that I had a picture of her and her pony on here. She rang Debbie from Tygywn Stud who gave her my email. I've since rung her and I've emailed her a couple of pictures. She kindly gave me her results so I can share them. They were:-
1st Miniature Colt Foal, Champion Miniature, Champion Foal & Reserve Supreme Champion.
Well done Julie. It was really nice to talk to you this evening and I promise I'll send you some more pictures as soon as my email stops mucking about...

1 comment:

Kate said...

Ah, the world keeps getting smaller and smaller.

That is a lovely looking Champion colt there. Congrats!

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