Friday, 3 October 2008

Show Tomorrow...

Was supposed to be taking Warrior, to a show tomorrow. It is The South & South West Wales group, which I am a member of. But its like the Artic here, freezing cold and windy. So there was no way, I was going to bath my boy today, don't want him catching a cold. So instead we are going to watch. My friend Karen has entered but looks like her Lorry is off the road again. Told her we are going and if she wants we will pick her, Lisa, and the pony up and take them to the show. Just waiting for her to ring and let me know what she wants to do. Already hitched the trailer up to the Jeep...

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Bear Naked said...

Noticed that you were following me so I have started following you.
Both your blogs are lovely.
Come visit me anytime.

Bear((( )))

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