Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Pony Pedicure

Our Blacksmith Tomos came at 8.30am this morning to do the Ponies hoofs again. Warrior was his normal laid back self, Kai on the other hand performed like a true Stallion. Got Tomos to look at little Aphrodite's back hoofs, as they have grown so long. Tomos trimmed them but said the front was OK. She looks so much better now, more upright. Tomos said its quite common for foals to have tight tendons, but he could see a vast improvement from his last visit. She was so well behaved, its the first time she's had a head collar on, she wasn't sure at first, but then behaved impeccably. Bless her heart I love that foal... Tomos checked Apollo and Archie but said they were both OK and didn't need doing. Athena was a right little Madam and threw her self on the floor, so Tomos trimmed her hoofs while she laid there. She then stood up to have the back ones trimmed and then decided she's rather sit down and literally sat like a dog on the floor. It would have made the perfect picture, but trying to hold the camera and a pony and take a picture is nigh on impossible.
We are supposed to be at two shows this weekend, but the weather forecast isn't looking that good. Rain all weekend with severe weather warnings. Where's the Summer gone...
Had my newsletter from the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society this morning. Noticed that as from 1st January 2009, no passports will be issued to any pony/foal unless it has been micro chipped. States full details will be included in the next news letter. So have no idea whether we will be able to buy the chips from Shetland House and get the vet to insert them, or whether we will have to get the Vet to supply and Microchip the Ponies. I know that at my Vet's it costs £23.00 for a Microchip. Then on top of that, its the call out charge, plus the fees for the passports. Looks like its going to cost a pretty penny next year, to have the Foals registered. Had previously read an article stating that all Equines as from next year will need a chip, and have to be DNA'd at birth, but for the life of me can't remember where I saw it. Its a new EU regulation. Lets hope all this extra cost will be reflected in the prices at the Horse Sales. You can buy a horse in Wales, cheaper then you can buy a pedigree puppy. I hate to think what some unscrupulous breeders might do, especially if they have lots of Colts. It doesn't bear thinking about.

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