Thursday, 31 July 2008

Monsoon Weather..

Well we are still having Monsoon weather here, its been chucking it down all day again. Checked under Warriors rug this morning, to make sure he's still clean! No way was I washing him again today. Luckily, he was. Meant to say the other day, that I used the jet wash on him on Tuesday, tried it on my skin before using it on him, he loved it, talk about deep clean, you ought to have seen the dirt that came out of his coat. I started off using buckets of warm water to wet his coat and then shampooed him, rinsed him with warm water again, but he still looked a bit grubby. So again wet his coat with warm water and shampoo, then jet washed it off on the lowest setting. I've seen others use Jet washes on Cattle and big Horses so thought I'd give it a go. It's the cleanest he's ever been..
Wim our Vet called in today to remeasure Neo for me. When he had his Stallion assessment I was sure that Wim said he was 33 inches, but the passport says 35 & half inches. Thought a mistake had been made. Wim is Dutch so sometimes its confusing with the accent and he works in centimetres. Anyway the measurement on the passport is correct. So Neo is a Midi...
Took these pictures the other day of Archie & Aphrodite playing together... Measured Aphrodite the other day, well the inside of her front leg, to the arm pit, then you double it, been told this will give us a rough idea of how big they grow. She is exceptionally tiny, her measurement was 12ins, so should make 24ins. When it stops raining going to try it with Apollo and Archie...I'll let you know if it works.

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