Monday, 7 July 2008

Foals For Sale...

I've been putting it off, but today I've emailed Gerry Hart at (link in my side bar) to put the Foals up for sale. I really hope, someone really special comes along for these Foals, especially Aphrodite as she has stolen my heart. God, its going to be really hard to let her go. If your a regular reader of my blog you'll know why. But if they don't, well they will stay here. I'll just have to see what the response is like. I know lots of people that use Gerry's site and it comes highly recommended. Bev & Micky used it to sell Blenheim Badger. I'm always popping over there to see what the latest news is and of course looking at all the Ponies that are up for sale. We are keeping little Apollo to run on as I hope he will turn out to be a potential Stallion for us and he carries our Stud name. I'll keep you updated on the response.

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