Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Lotuspoint Pearl & Pearly Girl

Spoke to Chris yesterday at Lotuspoint, catching up on each others foals. She kindly sent me a picture of Lotuspoint Pearl with Pearly Girl as a foal. Thanks Chris...
Got the blacksmith coming early in the morning to do the ponies feet again. Going to get Tomos to have a look at Aphrodites hoofs, as they have grown really long. Hopefully, he will be able to trim them up a bit for me.
Spoke to Karen this afternoon, general Horsey chat.
This evening I spoke to Eileen Yaxley of the Donabi Stud. I wanted to know if Birchwood Shamrock had been DNA tested. Eileen gave me the link to her web, so will add it to my links this evening. Was nice to speak to you Eileen if your reading this and thank you for the info..
Have decided that I'm definitely selling Yum Yum... To many colts here.
Also had an email from Debbie, if you remember we went half's each on the DNA test for Goytre Edward. Well Debbie's got her passport back and the DNA is OK. What a relief that was, just waiting for Neo's passport to come back now.

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