Friday, 22 April 2011

Not A Good Friday.

Hi everyone this is Ben, writing this blog post for Mum.
Mum was worried that the baby wasn't feeding very well last night, so milked the Mum and gave it to the foal. This morning Mum was down the Stables really early and the Foal seemed really cold. Mum put a chair in the Barn and Dad and Mum took it in turns, to sit with the Foal on their laps to warm it up. She rang the emergency Vet, who advised warming the foal as we were doing and rubbing some Honey on its gums to stimulate the sucking reflex. Which we did. Mum also milked Tinkerbell to keep the milk flowing and to keep it in the fridge.
Mum gave me the Foal to hold while she popped indoors and the Foal started labouring. By the time Mum got back to me, the Foal had died in my arms.
Mum is distraught and won't be around for a while. As you can imagine she is now totally stressed out and desperately worried about the other Mums. Especially as we have already lost Lil and her Foal. Its all been very traumatic as Mum Loves her Ponies very much.
I just wanted to let you all know on Mum's behalf.

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