Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Arrival Filly Foal...

Last night as we went to get the Mum's to be in for the night. Harry shouted down the field, that Tinkerbell was in Labour. The bag appeared as he got to her. Then one foot appeared, but not the other. I tried to feel where, the other leg was, but couldn't find it. Panic set in, as I was terrified that we were going to lose another Foal and Mare. I rang the Vet and Angus was here within minutes. He immediately gelled up and found the other leg, which he brought forward. He then attached some rope to the foals legs and a winch and assisted Tinkerbell with the birth. I can honestly say what sheer relief it was, as I saw the foal was breathing. Angus gave Tinks a shot of pain killers and another of Antibiotics, as it had been quite traumatic for her. It's her first Foal.
Debie and the Poppets are staying with us at the moment and watched this Saga going on. Although Debie did take the little man indoors, until I knew that the Foal was alive. Debie, has got all the new born pictures on her Camera, which Megan and Beth took so can't share them with you at the moment.
Once Tinkerbell had settled down a bit, we moved her and her baby into the Barn so that we could keep an eye on them.
These Pictures were taken this morning. Tinks and her baby are doing really well. Baby is feeding well and Tinks has really bonded with her. The Filly Foal (Girl), has yet to be named. We use the Gods and Goddesses names, and this year we are on the letter "D". We were debating up till Midnight last night what to call her, but we are still undecided. I'm sure she will have a name by the end of today. It looks like we could have another arrival or two by the end of the week. So everyone, please keep your finger's crossed for safe arrivals..

In other news my Computer is still poorly, so Ben has let me upload this via his laptop. I need to get an external hard drive, to get all my pictures and documents off of my computer, before Tux can mess about with the hard drive, in case we lose everything. It's a total nightmare...

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