Sunday, 7 March 2010

Little Raggamuffins...

I took the top two photographs of Beau and Barney a few days ago. They look a right pair of Raggamuffins. They have such thick Winter Coats, with the baby coat still mixed in there as well. Beau has already started to lose some of his but little Barney hasn't. Its like a thick Woolly jumper. Barney reminds me of A.L.F, do you remember that programme, Alien Life Form?.
I went down into the little Paddock yesterday,
it was lovely to actually spend some quality time with them both, as I haven't been able to be as hands on as I normally am, due to my ongoing health issues, see Tiny Treasures Blog.
Hopefully, Harry will be doing the shows for me this year, but he needs to hurry up and decide who he wants to show. I'd Love him to show little Apollo, but I think Harry wants to show one of the Girls.


Kate said...

Little ragamuffins, indeed! Totally adorable. Just think, in just a few weeks or so, they'll be all shiny and slick again. Wish I could hop over the pond and help you give them a good brushin'! Sigh. Hugs to all.

Kim said...

they may be ragamuffins but oh my goodness they are the sweetest things around! I want to hug them every time I see the pictures!!!!

♥ helen said...

I love to see your photos of your little ponies, they`re so cute. We have a shetland pony at the farm, she is very friendly and we love her very much.

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