Sunday, 18 April 2010

Getting Ready...

Just thought I'd better post a little update on what's going on here.
We put six mares to two of our Stallions last year and I know that three of them are in Foal. Katie and BB to Viscount and Min to Kai. I'm are still not sure about Tinkerbell, Lemoney and Tigerlily. They may or may not be. Hopefully, we will have a stress free foaling this year and all the foals will all arrive safely.
Unfortunately, I'm still not well enough to show the Ponies this year myself. I'm hoping that Harry may do it for me, but you know what teenagers are like.


mary said...

bb gets any bigger her tums going be on the floor, and see what you mean about twins

Kate said...

Those girls look like they're ready to drop some babies! Yippee! Thanks for posting pics.

Teenagers.. I was one once, too. :)

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