Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Playing With The Foals..

Just thought I'd share some photographs of me playing with the Foals, that were taken a few days ago..
I try to handle them every day, giving them a cuddle, a scratch, pick their feet up, touch all down their legs and give them plenty of kisses..
I don't know who enjoys it more me or the Foals.


Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

these pictures are so sweet! You are very lucky to have these little treasures...and they are surely lucky to have you!

Matylda said...

Oh God.. they are so beautiful! Really, I've never expected that pony could be co cute :D. You must be very very lucky :D.

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Regards, M. :)

Sassy M said...

What a wonderful way to start my day looking at this wonderful pictures!! :) Marsha

Katie said...

I wanna come play with the babies!!! They're soooo cute Debbie!! You really do make me homesick:)

Kate said...

Oh how precious. Lil' Barney is fleshing out quite beautifully, and I'm still very smitten with Beau.

You are a lucky lady Deb! Thanks so much for posting these photos, again, they bring me such joy!

Yeah for baby ponies!! :)

Anonymous said...

aaah too cute, I want a kiss ;0)

x hel x

MiniKat said...

Give some extra kisses and cuddles for us? :-)

Jean Day said...

Oh I wish I could play with them too!!! Hugs to all of them.

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