Saturday, 27 June 2009

Goytre Napoleon Aka Neo

I took these photograph's a couple of days ago of our beautiful boy Neo.
We've had Neo since he was a yearling and ran him on, with every intention of using him as one of our Stallions. He has fantastic breeding.
Last year I put him through his Voluntary Vet Assessment for his Stallion License. He passed with flying colours.
Unfortunately, Neo measured in at 90Cm's or 35 and a half inches and is now too big for us to use on our Miniature Mares.
So I've come to a heart breaking discussion that my beautiful boy needs to find a new loving home, where he can have some Ladies of his own. It's not fair just to keep him here as a pet, where he will be totally wasted, so I'll shortly be putting him up for sale..
For Neo's full Pedigree please click here:- Pedigree

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