Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Arrival Born Monday 8th June...

After all the waiting, there was a knock on the Door on Monday Evening at 8pm telling us that Muffy had just given birth in our drive.
It was a mad dash up the drive to find Muffy laying on the floor with the foal standing beside her. I would not have minded but we'd only checked her a little while before.
After the shock birth on the drive. Mum and Baby were moved into a nice warm stable to do their bonding.
We made sure baby had his first drink and Pooh! (Yes you do have to check everything). Then went indoors to have a celebratory cup of tea. After about 30 minutes, we went back to check everything was OK and I wasn't happy with the look and behaviour of Muffy, who was stamping the ground, getting down, then up again. So called the emergency vet out. The poor girl had Colic and boy was she in a state. We walked her round and round the stable, waiting for the vet to arrive, the poor foal must have been so dizzy following its Mum. The vet arrived gave her a couple of jabs, checked all was well at the birth end and we stood with her and watched the medication take effect. Our Dutch Vet Wim is brilliant. By now it is Midnight!..
Saw the Vet off then came in for another cuppa. Then back down the stable's at 1.30am to check all was well and baby was feeding. Finally at 3am, went to bed...
Muffy was perfectly fine at 7am the next morning and baby was up and about and feeding really well.
We noticed after he'd dried off in the stable, that he has a little lightening streak on his bottom, do we have another Harry Potter Fan in our midst? or was he kissed by the Angels?.
There is still some debate about his name, so we are just calling him baby at the moment.
More pictures over on Tiny Treasures Blog.


Kate said...

Ooh, little "Harry" Baby is adorable!
I'm so relieved Muffy made it through okay with her colic! Congratulations to all!
(Now, you must be ready for a nice nap!)

Misfit in Paradise said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see the photos of the new baby and Beau playing together!

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